Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mecca Beauty Loop Level 2 Box!

Hello! I am trying something new for a change; the 'Quickie Post'. Essentially, it's a short post, without too many words, that hopefully I can start and finish within a fairly short time-frame. Quicker for me, quicker for you, everybody goes home happy. LOL. Let me know in the comments if you like short posts, I'm keen to know!

So it's Mecca Beauty Loop time again, and I picked up my Level 2 box last week. If you're interested in how this one compares to the last Level 2 box (the Mecca staff Secret Ballot Winners box), which came out in July,  I've blogged about that here - if you're wondering what a Mecca Beauty Loop Box even is.... well it's part of Mecca's reward system. They release four sample boxes per year and the level you're eligible to collect is based on how much you've spent with them. Here's what's in my L2 box!

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara (3 ml)
I'll definitely make use of this! I love Bobbi Brown makeup and this mini size will be great for travel.

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil (4.5 ml)
I'm not really into oils, although this is quite versatile as you can use it on your hair, face or cuticles. Also, I already have this exact product (same sample size) from somewhere else, untouched. I may end up giving this away to family.

Diptyque Philosykos EDP (2 ml)
I've heard of this brand, but never tried anything from them, so I'm keen to give this a go! Edit - just spritzed and it's quite a strong fig scent. I like it!

Smashbox Insta-Matte Liptick Transformer (1.5 ml sachet)
Alright for a bit of a play I guess, but probably not something I'd go for daily. Interested to see how it works though!

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Did you get a Beauty Loop Box this quarter and if so, what did you think of it? If you've blogged about it, link up your post in the comments below!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Review: Cherry Blooms Fiber Brow, Fiber Lash & Vinyl Liner!*

Have you heard of Cherry Blooms? They're an Australian beauty and style company that started out selling at a weekend market stall in Brisbane, and grew from there. Founder Jellaine developed Fiber Lash, Cherry Bloom's flagship product, after being inspired by similar products in Korean beauty stores, tweaking the formula until the product performed as she wanted. Cherry Blooms are known for their eye makeup products designed to build volume and fullness; we are talking fluttery lashes and on fleek brows! I happily accepted the offer to trial these products and was kindly sent Fiber Brow (in Mocha and Cappuccino Brown), Fiber Lash (in Black) and Vinyl Liner (also in Black). Let's have a look at the makeup!

Fiber Brow*

'The Cherry Blooms Mineral Fiber Brow Kit takes the guess work out of brow shaping.'

This is probably my favourite product of the three! In the box is a tube of the fibres and a set of three stencils; thin, natural and thick. This is great, because there's an eyebrow size to suit everyone, and you can even change it up yourself, depending on what look you're going for. I found 'natural' was the best fit for me. A hot tip; get the wand out of the tube before you press the stencil onto your face otherwise you won't have enough hands, unless you're an octopus, in which case HOW ARE YOU READING THIS? If you're one of those super-advanced, highly-intelligent reading octupuses, then ok, carry on. Don't mind me. Also, High Eight! *gets slapped in the face by eight wet tentacles*

I like that the product comprises fibres plus a coloured powder, as the powder fills in any areas that are sparse and lacking in hairs. I found Fiber Brow really quick and easy to use, and frankly, difficult to stuff up! I got an impression line on my noggin from holding down the stencil too hard (lol), but this faded away fairly quickly. The formula is quite dense, meaning there are plenty of fibres to enhance your brows and make them appear fuller. I have blonde hair (with way too much dark regrowth as I haven't been able to colour it in what seems like forever) and the shade mocha (for blonde to light brown hair) is a good match for me.

I haven't had any issues with my Fiber Brows rubbing off during the day thankfully! I'm impressed with the ease of use and the results, and would recommend this product to anyone wanting fuller eyebrows or help achieving an aesthetically-pleasing shape. It's especially good for those of us who are time-poor!

Fiber Lash*

'In 3 easy steps, Cherry Blooms Fiber Lash gives you the effect of extensions, without the drawbacks. High quality beeswax hydrates lashes while fibers add 3D volume. Amplifies lashes by 600% and no flaking.'

I'm not gonna lie, this one is a bit fiddly. There are two parts to the application process (well actually three, but there are two actual physical products), but if you don't mind spending a bit of time building up your lashes, Fiber Lash may be for you. I did get impressive length, however found that I also got clumps. The directions say to first apply around 20 strokes of Transplanting Gel (making sure you just do one eye at a time), then before it dries apply 15 strokes of the Fibers. Then you need to apply another 20 strokes of the Transplanting Gel over the top to seal in the Fibers. That's basically the process, then it's up to you whether or not you repeat these steps to achieve thicker and longer lashes. So there's a bit of work involved, and as mentioned before, I did get quite a bit of added oomph, so I think I'd use this for special occasions as it's not practical for my every-day routine. Some of the fibres fell into my eye, and in this case Cherry Blooms instruct you to close your eye and let the moisture shift the fibre to the corner of your eye, then remove it, but I just used my eyedrops to flush it out. I've only used ModelCo Fiber Lash Mascara as a comparison, and I do prefer the Cherry Blooms black fibers to the white ones from ModelCo.

Vinyl Liner*

'Cherry Blooms' formula contains polyvinyl which doesn’t absorb into the skin’s surface, making it long wearing and waterproof. The delicately fine, boldly black and extremely waterproof formula has been hailed as the only eyeliner that’ll stay on all day and look newly applied even after a busy day.'

This is described on the box as 'extremely waterproof' so I made the decision to have an extensive practice on my wrist first to get a feel for the brush and how the product applies, before going to town on my peepers. Turns out this was a smart move, because I was pretty shaky with my application and once this dries, it ain't budging! In my defence, I use a pencil liner daily (except for my wing flicks)  so I'm not a huge user of liquid liner. Once I finally applied Vinyl Liner to my eyes, I was in two minds about it, but kind of grew to like it. Even if your initial application is shaky, you're able to apply more over the top to even up your lines (thank God!).

At first I got a 'shiny' finish that I wasn't a fan of, but this wasn't as noticeable over time. After wearing Vinyl Liner a few times I really began to appreciate the waterproof feature, because even if my eyes watered, I never needed to touch it up during the day. It also didn't rub off or smudge, meaning I could just apply it then forget about it. I like that the brush is thin, as this allows precise application of a fine line which you can then build up to the desired thickness. I can actually achieve a much thinner line with this liner than my usual pencil one (Maybelline Masterliner), so my overall look was more natural. The box says the product needs to be removed with an oil-based makeup remover, but I could only find a sample of Benefit's They're Real Remover in my stash, and this did the job fine (it's more of a gel/cream consistency but is designed to remove waterproof makeup).

You can check out the Cherry Blooms range on their website.

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Have you tried any Cherry Blooms products?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: School Holiday Fun!

We had the most amazing school holidays, you guys! We enjoyed a little staycation at a holiday park not far from home to escape the daily bathroom renovation work, and it couldn't have been more ideal. Here's what we got up to, in pictures!

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What did you get up to in the school holidays?